9 Different types of dog collar’s

1.Everyday dog collar

everyday dog collar

This types of dog collar is the most broadly utilized neckline among the dogs as they are most promptly accessible and appear to be generally agreeable for the dog to wear. Their material reaches from nylon, leather and fabric. This is the most fitting neckline for tie-outs. Since it has minimal possibility for a dog to hurt himself unintentionally. Many dog owners prefer this type of collars for the rough dogs. 

2.Chain slip collar

chain slip collars

Generally this type of collars is used in dog training. This type of neckline is an intriguing idea where it fixes when one end is pulled either by the dog or by the trainer or owner and releases when the two owner and dog are loose. They come in two primary materials; one is a steel choker utilized by a ton of coach who put stock in old-school methods of power based preparing. The other kind, otherwise called slip neckline is made of leather, nylon or other gentler material. 

3. Metal prong collar

metal prong collar

This is collars also used in dog training for very harsh and aggressive dogs. This is also like a slip collars. This collars ought to be utilized with alert and never be left on your dog when unattended.

4. Smart collar

gps dog collar

This type of dog collars is more advanced than a traditional collars, in this type of collars latest technology are all used to monitor a dog behavior, location etc, for example gps dog collar. this are connected with smart phones and other hardware devices to monitor the dogs through wifi and other wireless connection channels. 

5. Martingale collar

martingale collar

Generally this type of collars are used for slim neck dogs like greyhounds, whippets etc. This martingale collar prevent a dog from slipping from the collar while in walking on a leash. This collar contains two metal loops which is used to tighten the neck when the dog was pulled, and another one loop is used to tighten and looses when need. 

6. Head collar

head collar

This collar is used to control  the dog skull instead of neck. This collar is recommend for the owners having a giant dogs stronger than them. This collar is used in dog training also. Generally it is used to train a dog to walk in a leash. The material used in this type of collar is usually leather or nylon. it is just like a harness.  

7. Harness


This type of collar is recommend for owners who are all having dog with more pulling capacity like pitbull, rottweiler etc. This is preferred for dogs which are having a medical problem in the neck and breathing way because this collar not give a pressure in the neck while the dog pulled. It is designed around a placement of dogs chest and abdomen as shown in the image. this is usually made of leather and nylon. 

8. Dog show collar

show collar

As a name implies this collar is used in dog shows, the main purpose of this collar is to easy handle the dogs in the shows. it has a leash in one end and a lead in the other end. it is just work like a slip collar. 

9. Shock collar

shock collar

Shock collars or e-collars are commonly used in various dog training purpose. Regardless of whether you need to prepare your dog not to bark when visitors come to your home, encourage him field complied, orders, or more advanced preparing for chasing purposes, an e-collar can be a valuable training tool. 

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